To our costumers.

The past year has been turbulent to say the least in many areas. No one has missed how the price development of fuel has been – at the time of writing, the price of diesel has risen by 38 % over the past year. Before 2022, we know that the reduction obligation will increase the diesel price further. The shortage of drivers has never been greater – in Europe there are 400 000 drivers missing, of which about 5 000 in Sweden. This drives costs upwards with overtime and hired staff. Volumes have increased as restrictions have been eased to levels we could not predict. Delivery times for vehicles have increased dramatically, which means that we have to drive longer with our vehicles and then the repair costs rise sharply. In addition, the lack of components has increased the repair times and in order to maintain our service to your customers, we have had to rent vehicles at significantly higher costs than normal.

Ahead of 2022, in order to compensate for these dramatic increases in our costs, we must increase our prices by 8.9 %. The fuel supplement, which is adjusted monthly, will continue to be a separate supplement on the invoice. Our hope is that world production will increase and that we can see a falling fuel prices in 2022. But as you probably know, it is our fuel tax that means that we have one of the world’s highest prices for fuel today.

We look forward to continued good cooperation.
Tempcon Ljungby AB

Do you want to read more about the reduction obligation? You can do it here in Swedish.